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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

In The End

WHY IS IT EVERY TIME I TRY IT'S TURN BACK as a lie? Everyone does not trusted me. Only my mom trusts me. I don't do that and my mom said "Zohan,I trust you, may god blees you," but many of my friend "Zohan Ben Helm, you are a cruel murder"

My name is Zohan Helm and everyone call me Zohan. I was born in Winterthur, Switzerland. I have ben working for Israeli special force since 2004 base on Tel-Aviv. Now, I am at a high security prison in Chicago, America.

Last year, my team went sailor at USS Ronald Reagen aircraft carrier with NATO organisation army. I was the consultant for amateur pilot . Here, every 30 minutes, 2 jetfighter will take-off. My eye keep on trained the pilot. But, my friend Captain Ivanovic , the jewish male from Sweden tried to run from me. I thought he was hidding something from me. I could feel something from his body language, what was he done?

When he ran on six feet, I went towrd him and ask something, then his wallet dropped from his uniform pocket. I was whispering that I saw my debit card and was warned him and he smacked my nose. Then, the bis fight between me and Ivanovic. Everone saw us on the deck and on the control tower. I gave him a sweet back-kick and he felt down to the ocean. I thought he safe, but... I heard knocking sound, then I turn back and saw his head knocked the Ship front nose and he died. It's my fault?

After I had been blamed by my Field Marshall, I was sent to High Security Prison at Chicago. The warden gave me two uniform black-white stripe and orange. The warden sent me to cell 6m466. Actually, the cell is nice because it covered by wall and a door, not like the 100% steel-cell. I met my cellmate and his name is Logan. His face seems like five-star violence but he is nice. He asked to me for buy television set from my mother, aren't he using me for his advantage? He alway motivated me,guideed and protect me from the other orgy prisoners.

Every lunch, the gangster leaders were not comfortable with other gang. Sometimes, they fought with other gang and then the warden stop it with "hornet bullet". Sometimes, they all fought using sharp object but not a knife, it's a brushes and it's weird. Their brushes had been sharpen and the brushes was their initial weapon.

In addition, the warden may made a spotcheck in every cell monthly. Ten some of them was caught because they had cigarette under their bed and some with potentially dangerous object. The warden also made a spotcheck to their belonging such as postcard, letter, present to prevent the prisoner getting any drug which is strictly prohibited.

Every 1500, All the prisoners will close the tap water from water supply entering the cell. Miracle!! because when tehy talking on the sink,the echo voice can be sent to other cells. We can said it as " Walkie-Talkie". It's very hilarious to me to use the sink because the sink has a second function, connecting people.

On the 25 May, I got the news that I can leave from this jail next month . I thanked my cell-mate because my violency rate on the cell was low. There was six people who where free to go out of this jail but we all must attend civic society. My class was at old cathedral at Fort Corlins, Colorado state. I thanked to the warden before I left this pprison.

When I arrived there, I felt my heart very tranquil. A churchgoer met me and he siad he was my adopt family for a while. He also introduce me the archdeacon , I apologize to archdeacon forgive me because I had killed my own friend. Everyone gave their moral support to me. I don't fell that I was a gipsy person here.

On 25 September my class ends. I felt very hard to leave them all. I had learnt many things here.I got a letter from the government and the letter told the american hope policythat I can be a good person in the future and the letter end with the motto "In God We Trust" and signed by Barrack Obama. The letter also told me where is my next official job near my hometown. I was offered a job at Virgin Books uder a campaign "Job For Professional Prisoners".

I felt very happier because I got a business class at Airbus Virgin plane. when I arrived there, everone busy making preparation for the christmas eve. I was so touched, when remembering my childhood had christmas eve with mom. While I'm stared the preparation someone hugged. I cried it's my mom. I want to celebrate this christmas with my mom. How awesome it was. We must think and learn from the past sometime that can change our lifestyle. My life would not be the same , it's CHANGING.MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my friend in the prison and everyone

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